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Issue 15: 19 May 2020
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Dreaming of the outdoors

It has been months since cities were locked down, and children have not been able to roam outside freely.

As countries prepare to ease lockdowns and draw up school reopening plans, Scotland looks to outdoor learning as a model of a new era of schooling. Besides offering ample space for children to observe social distancing, outdoor learning can also build resilience, encourage creativity and improve their mental and physical well-being. An outdoor school in England is helping migrant children build confidence and self-esteem while reconnecting them with nature.

Research has also shown that child-led, unstructured play is crucial to a child’s development. A school district in the US heeded this advice and incorporated unstructured play into its timetable, resulting in students becoming happier, better adjusted and readier to learn in class.

As schools formulate their reopening plans, it is important to keep in mind the importance of unstructured play, and make time for outdoor play in the new semester. 
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