A silver lining of the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Issue 43: 1 December 2020
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Advancing well-being in education

Looking back at the past school year, many would lament that they are “Zoom-ed out”. However, while some may complain about the challenges of remote learning, many more are thankful for the modified school schedule which gives them more time to de-stress and pursue their hobbies.

The pandemic has also presented an opportunity for schools to adopt mindfulness as a tool to improve students' mental health. Mindfulness programmes can vary from school to school, but many report seeing improvements in well-being and academic performance of their students.

As schools look to restart in-class instruction, educators should ensure that the effective approaches to improving students' well-being are also used in the classroom.
Education in the Spotlight
How do we ensure that no child gets left behind in remote learning? Look no further than the Indian state of Gujarat which has developed a comprehensive, well thought-out and successful COVID-19 response.
In India's government schools, no one attended online classes. The preferred mode of education delivery was WhatsApp, which was used in 75% of government schools, respectively.
Villagers once burned the toxic waste as fuel, but a radical education model uses it much more creatively.
Higher temperatures are linked to worse test scores, but only for Black and Hispanic children. The likely culprit: a lack of air-conditioning.
Young children are missing out on learning activities by only studying online, where classes emphasised cognitive education.
Laotian teachers were found to have low levels of knowledge on the Autism Spectrum Disorder, remarkably lower than the available global standard.
It might be hard to look beyond the immediate crisis in higher education, but universities will remain crucial social institutions.
A Handbook for Educators
Unmasked: Educational Leaders in a Crisis
This concise and informative handbook brings together ideas discussed during The HEAD Foundation's Webinar Series: Educational Leadership in a Crisis. We hope this handbook will inspire and guide school leaders in Southeast Asia, who are all grappling with the challenges of disruptions to education due to the ongoing pandemic.

In addition to case studies and tips on improving the well-being of students and teachers, the handbook also covers topics such as: how to engage with your communityempower school staffnurture students and leverage on technology.
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