How can a positive school culture help you?

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Issue 49: 19 January 2021
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School culture in educational disruptions

With many schools struggling in these trying times, it can be easy for school culture to be overlooked with more immediate and critical concerns to address. However, building a positive school culture provides teachers and students with the resilience to adapt to difficult circumstances, such as those faced in the pandemic.

There are many ways in which educators can cultivate a healthy school culture that fosters a sense of safety, trust, and inclusivity amongst students, staff, and the community.

In The HEAD Foundation’s first Webinar series of 2021, “Positive School Culture in the New Normal, we feature outstanding Southeast Asian school leaders who will share how they built and maintained a positive school culture that helped their students and staff thrive in disruptive times. Register now for the first session on 21 January, 3 – 4.30pm (+8GMT).
Education in the Spotlight
Basic digital literacy and project-based learning are strategies that helped refugee students adjust seamlessly to online school in a pandemic.
What can we learn from Twitter's high-profile ban, and how can we discuss ethics and digital responsibility in the classroom?
Universities can no longer operate like a factory that churns out graduates as quickly and as cheaply as they can to industry specifications.
Academics are increasingly expected to share research findings with the larger public, but face obstacles in presenting their work to a non-academic audience.
Singapore’s three major universities have reported zero cases. Their secret: technology, tough penalties, and students willing to comply.
Unpredictable schedules and pay, and limited access to benefits like health care and parental leave can threaten the ability of workers’ children to learn.
In its latest report, the Brookings Institution introduces a new green learning agenda that aims to help solve the climate crisis through the lens of justice, equity, and fairness.

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