Does a degree still guarantee success?

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Issue 51: 2 February 2021
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Diversifying pathways to career fulfilment

What is the best path to a rewarding career, and are traditional pathways still viable?

In a pandemic-stricken job market, student enrolment in higher education is soaring. Many university graduates in Australia and China are opting for postgraduate studies to wait out a hyper-competitive job market. In contrast, Singapore Education Minister Mr Lawrence Wong suggests that a traditional university degree is not necessary before pursuing work, highlighting the availability and viability of technical and vocational education programmes.

In academia, traditional career pathways are diversifying, with alternative academic (alt-ac) track careers looking increasingly likely. There are discussions underway to create more concrete milestones for alt-acs in line with their tenure-track colleagues.

As the job market fluctuates and responds to present circumstances, new perspectives on education and vocation evolve alongside them.
Education in the Spotlight
Jeff Bezos’ $2 billion investment to establish a Montessori-inspired network of preschools may be shrugged off as the world’s richest man dabbling in another playground. Instead, we should see it for what it is: the early days of Amazon’s foray into public education.
From global citizenship to digital skills, what policies, practices and partnerships are needed to elevate future-ready employability skills on the education agenda?
Researchers have banded together to find safe, virtual ways to teach the principles of microbiology and epidemiology.
Find out how a Data Science Professor in a historically black university gets students involved with data science through sports analytics.
Childcare centres across Australia are suffering staff shortages, which have been exacerbated by the COVID crisis. How can we better value and support early childhood educators?
Climate change represents the greatest threat to public health, yet Australia’s health sector contributes to the harm through its large environmental footprint.
Most schools only teach the science of climate change. Green School gives the skills needed to live in a warming world. How do we engage children on climate change without scaring them?

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