What benefits students most?

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Issue 75: 3 Aug 2021
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The rises and falls of for-profit education

In a sweeping law, China has mandated that its vast private tutoring industry has to turn non-profit, and has also installed a ban on tutoring core subjects on weekends and holidays. The new law is aimed at reducing student stress and inequality in a system notorious for its intense competition, and based on a conclusion that the private tutoring industry is threatening the social well-being of the country.  

Conversely, the United States is just overturning a century-old ban on for-profit medical universities. Despite concerns of fiscal transparency, accreditation, student loan eligibility, and quality of both applicants and the curriculum, some argue the rise of for-profit medical universities may fill the gap in the shortage of healthcare professionals most apparent in this pandemic.  

With pros and cons on both sides of the non-profit vs for-profit debate, perhaps the ultimate question that we should ask is: "Which model would best benefit students and society at large?"
Education in the Spotlight
To create learning environments that service a diverse student body, educators should focus on the ability of the student to demonstrate their level of understanding for the topics posed rather than focusing on just the grade.
Diversity has practical, real-life implications for how society functions, and it impacts our long-term sustainability.
As schools mark Racial Harmony Day in Singapore, we need to go for fresh approaches in multicultural education.
Many kids are behind. Here's what parents need to know.
Pupils are working with an energy company and suppliers to reach a carbon-neutral goal.
In a country heavily at risk from climate change impacts, teachers and students need to understand the threats - and opportunities - better.

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